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Why advertising at the Paulista Mountaineering Group?

The Paulista Mountaineering Group (PMG) is an institution that disseminates mountain sports and promotes its social inclusion in a creative and innovative way.

We are a great test and dissemination laboratory for your products. Each year, through our courses and events, we put to the test dozens of climbing equipment, such as clothes, backpacks, shoes, tents, food, cooking utensils, and everything else related to mountain sports.

These are excellent opportunities for your company to be closer to your end consumer by presenting one or more products in your portfolio.

Another way of giving greater visibility to your company’s products and services is by advertising on our website. It is translated into three different languages (Portuguese, Spanish and English), increasing the visibility and reach of your product in the global electronic sales market.

Today, we are one of the most important and respected groups of mountaineering in Brazil, a reputation and credibility built during our 14 years of very serious work, done with passion, responsibility and respect for nature.

If you have a company involved in adventure sports and want to see your brand associated with the Paulista Mountaineering Group, then it’s time to set up a meeting!

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