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“One day the master of the mountains realized how sad the people from the city were with their routines, yearnings, fears, and worries. It was then that he decided to come down to teach that we can have a life that is intense, exciting, different, bold and full of adventures. “

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The passion for mountain sports is what unites us, motivates us and strengthens us. Climbing a mountain, taking long walks, tough crossings, challenges us, fires our adrenaline. We are the Paulista Mountaineering Group, but you can call us just PMG. Come and meet us, take part in our courses and events and be part of this great family.


About Us

We are a nonprofit institution that aims to promote, foment and encourage the practice and teaching of mountain sports with responsibility and safety.

The PMG is not just a school where you go to learn how to climb mountains. We always seek to go beyond. As we believe that it is possible to build a better world, through the sport we love so much, we develop projects that materialize our beliefs, such as our social actions – the Climb for the Disabled and the Adopt a Mountain projects – and our courses, designed both for those who know nothing about the sport and for those who already climb and yearn for new challenges.

The PMG is a dream come true for a group of mountain climbers who, since 1999, have been active in mountains. People who love what they do, love to share knowledge and to live outdoors.

Every year we change the lives of many people.

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Who is part of the PMG?

Professionals with solid practical experience in the diverse modalities of mountain sport are part of the Paulista Mountaineering Group. People who are fond of the energy that the outdoor sport releases in each individual and who are interested in passing on this knowledge to the students.

Every year we bring up mountaineering courses and events in lively planning meetings for a hectic annual schedule of classes and various activities related to climbing, trekking, hiking, and social activities. We are all volunteers in this endeavor. In addition to the executive board, composed of six members, many people committed to the group collaborate to make PMG a privileged space.

Our doors are open to new eager, stiff and engaged volunteers. Those who enter GPM are surrounded by a team that sees in mountaineering a philosophy of life, a moment to exercise leadership, develop team spirit, practice fellowship and love of nature, activities that increase inner peace. Nobody leaves the GPM in the same way they got into it!

Interested? So come and meet us. It will be great to see you in our courses and events.


How it started

A happy coincidence started the Paulista Mountaineering Group. It was in 1995, during a fraternisation in the capital of São Paulo to gather former scholarship students of courses in Japan, that several participants discovered how much the passion for mountaineering was common among them.

They left the party already with meetings scheduled to plan some climbing. The first one in 1999 was so successful and so good that the event happened other times and attracted more people.

The former scholarship students realized that many people had the same passion, set up new outings until they decided to create the PMG in 2003, so they could share knowledge and strengthen friendships. More than 20 years have passed and more than 250 mountaineers were trained, all bitten by the freedom, emotion and adventure bug.


Our Passion

We are passionate about mountain sports. We take great pleasure in being in touch with nature, in being outdoors, whether on the rock or on the snow. It is a healthy, adventurous and inspiring lifestyle. This makes us happy, and we believe in the transformative power of mountaineering and all that it mobilizes in each of us as: spirit of leadership, determination, confidence, love, companionship and overcoming. We created the PMG to share our philosophy of life and experiences gained in years of climbing and thus popularize the practice so that we can share with more people that sense of happiness and freedom that only mountaineering can provide.


To promote the practice of mountaineering in a safe way, respecting the laws, norms and prevailing standards.


The PMG aims to be a reference in the mountaineering practice for its competence, ethics, quality and respect for nature.


  • To act with professional ethics, honesty and transparency;
  • To use the latest, best and safest mountaineering techniques;
  • To respect our associates, employees, business partners and competitors;
  • To act with social responsibility, aiming the environmental protection and preservation at all actions.

Social Projects

Building a future of harmony and respect for nature, and creating means of accessibility for people with special needs to enjoy the same opportunities in mountain sports, has become an obsession for us. We believe that the two things are strongly related, so we invite you to get to know and participate in our social actions for a better world.



People with special needs deserve the same rights as any other citizens, this includes the right to practice sports in a safe and responsible manner. Adventure sports introduce additional challenges and motivations to these people. They are critical to their self-esteem and self-confidence. We want to improve the quality of life of these people by encouraging them to take steps in a direction they never imagined. Every year, we extend our offer of events for people with special needs. With much study, creativity and innovation, we have identified and developed the best techniques to provide these people with a safe and unforgettable experience.

Watch the video to check how our pilot project was. It’s exciting!



Every year,  PMG chooses a mountain to collect its litter and make minor repairs to its trails and slopes. This project of care and protection of nature arose from the need to take this type of community action to public and private areas that do not have a policy of environmental maintenance and preservation. We are defenders and practitioners of mountain sports with responsibility and minimum environmental impact. This action is carried out by our students and volunteers, who learn from an early age that the conservation and preservation of nature is a duty of us all.


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